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Course: Math
Duration of the unit: 10 days
Unit title: Geometry
Grade level: 7th grade

Purpose of the unit:
This unit is designed to develop students’ understanding of basic geometry and math concepts that are needed in order to continue in this class of algebra.

Rationale of the unit:
The unit topic is important for building a foundation of knowledge for the following units in algebra. A clear understanding of the objectives will increase their chance of success for the rest of the year in the class of algebra. The integration of the concepts with the other core subjects will not only help the students understand the concepts but also see the significance of math concepts in many areas of study.

Goals of the unit:
The goals of this unit are for the students to :
1. To develop an understanding of basic and introductory geometry and math concepts.
2. To look forward to continuing in the study of algebraic concepts.
3. To understand how geometry and algebra relate to many other areas of study such as science, social studies, and language arts.
4. To understand how the concepts of geometry and algebra are relevant to their daily lives.
5. To look forward to living a life of discovery.

Instructional objectives (discoveries) of the unit:
1. To be able to do geometric formulas.
2. To understand tree diagrams.
3. To understand the coordinate plane.
4. To be able to round and estimate.
5. To be able to add and subtract decimals.
6. To be able to multiply and divide decimals.
7. To use divisibility rules to find all factors of a given number and to identify numbers as prime or composite.
8. To write the prime factorization of a number.
9. To find the GCF of two or more numbers and to find the LCM of two or more numbers.
10. To write equivalent fractions and write fractions in simplest form.

Unit Overview:
Throughout this unit students will developing an understanding of basic geometry and algebraic concepts through lectures, class discussions, games such as Sudoku, and story problems that incorporate the them e of discovery and integrate the core subjects as well.